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Welcome to!
Skriven av 21DX011 Erik   
28 december 2008 kl 00:00

Welcome to the home of 21DX011 on the internet. This page is here to tell a bit about myself, and maybe I can give a little inspiration of making better DX on 11m band. You are welcome to drop a mail, and I hope to copy you on air soon!



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Delta-Xray Radio Club
Skriven av 21DX011 Erik   
01 januari 2009 kl 00:00

I´m a member of Delta-Xray Radio Club. The club is a 11-meter radio club, formed November 1st 2001.

If you want to know more about DXRC, please visit  DXRC homepage .

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Solar cycle 24
Skriven av 21DX011 Erik   
29 december 2008 kl 00:00

Solar cycle 24 was offically borned January 4, 2008. The developement of the cycle was very slow and some experts have argued that sunspots will go away for ever. However solar cycle 24 is delivering quite som nice propagation, although it is far from the previous cycles.

Good sites to visit for updates are, - and above all the excellent  Propagation Service Center for 11m by 19DX072 . Below are some livedata on the solar situation. My experience is that propagation on 11m will be pretty decent already at solar flux 80-90. Up here in Scandinavia we need really low A and K indexes because of our proximity to the north pole. 

 Latest MDI Continuum from NASA


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